Ipe Oil® & Ipe Oil® Plus™ Hardwood Finishes

Easy Application Exceptional Results

Ipe Oil® and Ipe Oil® Plus™ Hardwood Deck Finishes are deep penetrating oil-based formulas specifically designed for exotic hardwoods. Trans-oxide pigments protect against UV damage and preserve the natural beauty of all exterior hardwoods with minimal raising of the grain. Ipe Oil® protects, nourishes and conditions the wood from within while maintaining a completely natural appearance. For exceptional results on Ipe, Tigerwood, Cumaru and other exotic hardwoods, Ipe Oil® and Ipe Oil® Plus™ are your perfect solution.

Ipe Oil Hardwood Deck Finish from DeckWise

250 VOC Restrictions!
SCAQMD (SoCal) 100 g/l VOC restrictions apply for LA-Eastern, LA-Western, Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino counties. For more info click here.

To find out if you fall under the California SCAQMD jurisdiction, CLICK HERE.

Home-owners and Pro contractors appreciate the elegance of well-maintained hardwood deck or the sleek surface of hardwood rainscreen siding. Nevertheless, not many realize that safeguarding hardwoods from the harmful impact Ultraviolet (UV) sun rays and dampness will add many years to the lifetime of their patio or exterior hardwood siding. Therefore, saving substantial finances in replacement costs, as well as reducing the imprint of exotic lumber resources.

Each and every hardwood deck owner has made a great investment in the lavish natural hardwood beauty that will survive for years if it is properly sealed. Ipe Oil® and Ipe Oil® Plus™ are both oil-based hardwood semi-transparent stains exclusively formulated to dry properly on Ipe, Mahogany, Cumaru and also many other oily exotic lumber that trigger finish drying troubles.

Does your hardwood deck or fence need a little boost of protection due to more harsh weather in your area? Ipe Oil® Plus™ can deliver up to 15% longer-lasting results! It has all of the same features and qualities of Ipe Oil® and is a complementary option for anyone needing a little more protection from harsh weather and UV damage.

When included as part of your new hardwood deck finish or your yearly maintenance program, both formulas are proven to have beneficial wood nurturing and visible effects. Ipe Oil® and Ipe Oil® Plus™ hardwood finishes both provide exceptional prevention against wood splits, warps and cracks as well as thwarting the gray out of hardwoods.

Do you plan on starting a new deck or patio building project soon? Try using our Wood Care Coverage Calculator to find out how much hardwood finish and additional wood care products are needed for your hardwood surface.

Ipe Oil® vs WiseCoat® Q: Can I apply Ipe Oil® over the WiseCoat® finish?

As we all know, water can be lumber's biggest enemy. This robust hardwood oil stain penetrates down deep into the dense, resin-rich fibers of hardwoods to highlight the all-natural wood grain qualities. Ipe Oil® and Ipe Oil® Plus™ hardwood deck finishes are a durable, semi-transparent, and stain resistant hardwood finish. Our hardwood stains utilize Transoxide pigments for powerful U.V. defense and extra grain enhancement. This deck oil formula provides advanced safeguards from the destructive effects of severe temperatures, humidity, mildew, mold, rainfall, snow, and the sun's damaging rays. 

Our hardwood oil deck stains contain a precise combination of ingredients for maximum wood grain penetration, oil solids for longevity and organic oils for color depth and water repelling features. Translucent iron oxide pigments are additionally added to warrant UV damage. Ipe Oil® and Ipe Oil® Plus™ allow hardwoods to breathe, which in turn is essential in working with exotic hardwoods such as Tigerwood, Massaranduba, Teak, Brazilian Redwood, and many other hardwood species. The results, following years of development, are hardwood oil finishes of unmatched overall performance designed to protect exotic wood surfaces, rich with color and dimension. 

While Ipe Oil® and Ipe Oil® Plus™ do contain linseed oil, it also contains a fungicide, and that fungicide inhibits the growth of fungus (i.e. mold and mildew) on the surface of the wood coating. This material is in the product to inhibit the growth of fungus on the surface of the coating, not to kill any existing growth, and not to prevent the growth on the wood itself. Note: it does not kill existing fungus/mildew, or is it a "preservative". 

A very important objective with any exterior hardwood oil finish is to make sure the surface is clean and dry before application. This will go a long way towards reducing the likelihood of any mildew growth on the wood surface. As fungicides are only designed to inhibit the growth of mildew in the stain. We highly suggest properly cleaning the wood surface to kill existing spores that may be on the wood before applying. See the DeckWise® Cleaner and Brightener for proper wood preparation. 

Most deck finish coatings form a film on the surface to offer natural wood color and keep moisture out. Some brands may last just a few months or two before they turn unsightly. Nevertheless many film coatings fail, and also require sanding or stripped before the hard wood can be re-coated.

Ipe Oil® and Ipe Oil® Plus™ penetrate deep into the wood grain to defend from within and are not a surface film that will bubble, crack, or peel. Decking and hardwood siding restoration is a simple clean, brighten and re-coat. No major sanding or stripping should be needed. And hardwood which is left to discolor to a silver patina gray after coating, can be effortlessly restored to a gorgeous natural timber look even after many years of weathering.

When deck builders need their customer's hardwood projects to last 75 years or more and maintain its natural beauty, they turn to Ipe Oil® deck oil. 1 gallon of Ipe Oil® or Ipe Oil® Plus™ Hardwood Deck Oil covers approximately 250 ft2. To say “American Pride” sounds so good!

Ipe Oil features

Approximate Coverage per Gallon*

Smooth Wood: 250-300 ft2 (23-28 m2) / gallon
Rough Wood: 150-250 ft2 (14-23 m2) / gallon
*Coverage on dense hardwoods

Treated wood vs natural wood
DeckWise warranty emblem

DeckWise® Ipe Oil®/Ipe Oil® Plus™ Limited Warranty

In order to be eligible to make a warranty claim, you must complete the registration for warranty here: www.deckwise.com/warranty/register.html

How to Apply Ipe Oil® & Ipe Oil® Plus™
Hardwood Deck Finish

Surface Preparation: Appropriate surface preparation of exotic hardwoods is the secret to the ideal finish and overall performance. It is extremely crucial that the surface be thoroughly clean of all grime, mildew stains, loose grain fibers and other unknown material. The longevity of Ipe Oil® or Ipe Oil® Plus™ could be reduced by a dirty or improperly prepared surface. Decking or hardwood siding surfaces need to be structurally solid plus completely dried out. Check to be sure that the moisture content of the hardwood is below 15 percent. If it is not, wait a minimum of 2-4 days of exposure to dry weather.

Always clean gray or dirty wood before applying Ipe Oil® or Ipe Oil® Plus™. Use DeckWise® Deck & Wood Cleaner Part 1, a powder concentrate.

Allow wood to completely dry for at least 24 to 48 hours. Previously stained or treated wood should be sufficiently weathered to allow for complete penetration of Ipe Oil®.

New wood should be aged at least 6-8 weeks and cleaned before applying product. Aging allows the wood to dry and breaks down the surface mill glaze, allowing better penetration into the wood.

For new hardwood decking in a northern climate, we would recommend just waiting over the winter, then cleaning, brightening and oiling in the spring.

Special Instructions: Before applying, this product should be mixed thoroughly. Ensure that all settled material on bottom of can is evenly incorporated, and intermix multiple containers for an even blend.

Apply Ipe Oil® or Ipe Oil® Plus™ when surface temperatures are between 40F and 90F. If surface is hot to the touch, it is too hot to apply product. Do not apply product if precipitation is expected within 24-48 hours.

Brush, Roller & Rag Application: For the best results, utilize a high quality 3/8” nap roller, pad applicator or stain brush. To minimize lapping, maintain a wet edge lengthwise and do not break in the middle of boards. One coat is sufficient for most applications. Always apply oil onto the boards parallel to the grain of the wood. For exterior home furniture hand-apply the finish into the hardwood grain simply by using a soft cloth. NOTE: Product not absorbed into the wood within 10-20 minutes must be thoroughly removed.

Spray Application: When spraying, back brush or roll to prevent sags and runs. Cover surrounding areas to protect from overspray. For airless spray, use .015” to .019” tip size for best results. NOTE: Product not absorbed into the wood within 10-20 minutes must be thoroughly removed.

Wipe Off Excess: Depending on temperature and direct sunlight versus shade, soak time may need to be adjusted. It is essential to wipe excess oil completely - with a lint-free cloth - and attention paid to pooling after application. Continue to wipe excess oil until no surface sheen or leeching is noticeable. Wood surface must NOT look wet and will have a satin finish.

NOTE: There is no warranty against color fading, whether expressed or implied. In order to maintain color, it is advised to do so with a yearly maintenance plan.

Maintenance: Clean and brighten hardwoods at least once a year with DeckWise® Deck & Wood Cleaner Part 1 and DeckWise® Deck & Wood Brightener Part 2 or use the DeckWise® Deck Restoration Kit with all the products and tools needed in one handy package. Apply Ipe Oil® or Ipe Oil® Plus™ on decking and hardwoods every one to two years in most applications for desired natural hardwood color. Depending on regional climate conditions, additional coats may be applied to restore the preferred natural wood tint color.

Maintaining a clean deck or hardwood surface between finish applications is recommended with the use of a mild detergent using a soft bristle brush, and warm water. Mix the mild detergent in a bucket of warm water; gently scrub the wood surface with the mixture. Allow the mixture to rest on the surface for roughly 5 minutes, and then thoroughly rinse the wood surface with water.

Cleanup & Disposal: Wash rollers, brushes, spray equipment and steel wool with mineral spirits. Be sure to let air dry out of direct sunlight before disposal. Lay rags flat to dry out of sunlight or soak application utensils and any other materials in water immediately after use. Always keep the oil container closed and sealed when not in use.

WARNING! Rags, steel wool, brushes, rollers and waste soaked with Ipe Oil® or Ipe Oil® Plus™ may spontaneously combust if improperly piled and discarded. Immediately after each use, place all waste in a water filled metal container and seal. Dispose of empty containers and waste filled containers in accordance with local, state and federal regulations.

How to apply Ipe Oil Hardwood Deck Finish
Step 1: Clean the Deck Surface and Let Dry
Applying Ipe Oil Hardwood Deck Finish
Step 2: Apply Finish to hardwood surface
Ipe Oil Hardwood Deck Finish application process
Step 3: Wipe off all excess thoroughly
IPE CLIP OIL Hardwood Deck Finish, UV Resistant - 1 Gallon Can

Ipe Oil® & Ipe Oil® Plus™ Provide:

  • Exceptional penetration
  • Natural grain enhancement
  • Water repellency
  • U.V. barrier protection
  • Reduces chances of warps & cracks

Product Applications:

  • Hardwood Decks
  • All Exterior Wood Surfaces
  • Fences
  • Wood Railings

Wise Up! How to Protect Your Deck

This short video shows the viewer how to use Ipe Oil® or Ipe Oil® Plus™ to protect their hardwood deck boards from shrinking and cracking and how to preserve the grain and color of the hardwood. Brought to you by DeckWise®.

Warranty Information

Limited Liability Warranty

Ipe Oil® Hardwood Deck Finish is an oil-based natural wood finish specifically designed for use on exterior hardwood decks. DeckWise® offers a limited liability warranty and warranties Ipe Oil® meets manufacturing standards and specifications. All properly filed warranty claims will be replaced with Ipe Oil® Hardwood Deck Finish once a claim is approved. This warranty does not cover any damages that may be caused by improper handling, disposal, installation or storage. Claims are only eligible within 12 months after purchase date. No claims for loss of use.

Ipe Oil® deck finish is intended for exterior use only. Use product as directed.

Limited Warranty

WARNING: Do not leave rags balled up, they will catch fire or self-combust. Rags, brushes, rollers, steel wool or waste soaked with Ipe Oil® Hardwood Deck Finish may also spontaneously catch fire if improperly discarded. Immediately after each use, place waste materials in a sealed, water-filled metal container. Dispose of waste material and empty cans or unused portion in accordance with, local, state, and federal regulations.

Our Ipe Oil® contains linseed oil, which many DIY people and contractors use to stain wood decking, furniture or fences each year. Linseed oil is a natural product extracted out of the flaxseed.

The unique properties of linseed oil is to soak into the grain of wood accentuating the grain giving it a perpetual “wet Look,” otherwise known as “popping the grain.” Since linseed oil naturally has a yellowish tint, we add a pinch of color to our Ipe Oil® to improve the natural wood characteristics.

Liquid linseed oil in its container is no more hazardous than any other byproduct oil. The linseed oil by itself is not necessarily the problem. It’s the actual petroleum based solvents used to thin the linseed oil that is extremely combustible and flammable.

If a wood finish containing linseed oil is on a cotton rag for application, fire could spontaneously occur at as low as 120 degrees. That’s with no external spark. These thinning solvents in the linseed oil can generate heat through exothermic reactions with oxygen.

Rags and other application materials left in a pile, balled up or left unattended are a real problem. As air molecules combine with the linseed oil’s solvents, the resulting chemical reaction will accelerate the build up of heat. Since the linseed oil on rags becomes concentrated when in a pile or balled up, this in turn can spontaneously ignite the rag, which the linseed oil’s solvents then act as the fuel.

The reason we don’t see the finished wood with linseed oil catch fire, is because the linseed oil is spread out. There is no chance for heat to build up, hence, no fire.

Great care must always be taken when using and wood finish containing linseed oil. Always allow application materials to dry completely by laying them flat to dry on a non-flammable surface, out of the sun and heat. The best disposal method is to then place the dry rags in a canister of water and tightly seal the lid before you take it to your local hazardous waste site for disposal.

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