Create a fastener free, stable surface for any hardwood siding application.

Crafted from solid 304 Grade stainless steel, DeckWise® Hidden Siding Fasteners create a sleek and upscale look. The entire system is designed to significantly reduce cupping, twisting, and mold growth due to water penetration. Perfect for both residential and commercial applications, the DeckWise® Hidden Siding Fastener system works with most hardwood siding profiles.

The Deckwise® Hidden Siding Fastener is extremely versatile and may be used to install ship lap siding vertically, horizontally, or at an angle however, it has been designed for a 5/4" (Actual Dimension 15/16") thick board, and is not adaptable to a thinner siding product.

We will be working towards a solution in the near future for thinner board applications.

For more information on our Hidden Siding Fasteners, please be sure to contact us online or to call us directly at 941-896-9851.

DeckWise® Hidden Siding Fastener Kit Contains:

  • Starter Clips
  • Siding Clips (See below for amounts)
  • DeckWise® #8x2" (#8 x 5,08cm) Stainless Steel Screws
  • T-15 Driver Tips

Do It Once, Do It Right, Do It Out Of Sight!™

Hidden Siding Fastener kits from DeckWise
DeckWise warranty emblem

DeckWise® Hidden Siding Fasteners Limited Warranty

In order to be eligible to make a warranty claim, you must complete the registration for warranty here: www.deckwise.com/warranty/register.html

DeckWise Composite Screws

Hidden Siding Fasteners

With the addition of a new affixing screw hole, hanging siding vertically, angular and overhead can be a breeze with no worries of loose boards. This new location of the screw penetrates the siding board and secures it to the underlying furring and substructure, allowing all types of new creative designs to become reality! Patented: D663,612 S

Learn more about the advtanges of using our siding fasteners here: The DeckWise® Advantage.

Hidden Siding Fastener Kit Contains

Install hardwood siding with no visible fasteners on the surface .See below for available quantities.

Hidden Siding Fastener Clips
DeckWise® Hidden Siding Fasteners
Hidden Siding Fastener Starter Clips
DeckWise® Starter Clips
Stainless Steel Trim Head Screws
#8x2" (#8 x 5,08cm) Stainless Steel Trim Head Screws
T15 Driver Tip from DeckWise
T15 Driver Tip

How to Install

DeckWise® Hidden Siding Fasteners are easy to install and can help extend the life of your hardwood siding. Our patented design mounts on the edge of the siding boards rather than through the face so your finished project is not only great looking, but also smooth and more structurally stable.

  Download Install Guide

Installation Process

Available Kit Options

DeckWise® Hidden Siding Fasteners are available as complete kits in the following quanitities:

Hidden Siding Fasteners


  • N/A Starter Clips
  • 50
    #8x2 (#8 x 5,08cm)
  • 1 – T15 Tip

Hidden Siding Fasteners


  • 12 Starter Clips
  • 190
    #8x2 (#8 x 5,08cm)
  • 1 – T15 Tip

Hidden Siding Fasteners


  • 20 Starter Clips
  • 325
    #8x2 (#8 x 5,08cm)
  • 2 – T15 Tip

Hidden Siding Fasteners


  • 64 Starter Clips
  • 1130
    #8x2 (#8 x 5,08cm)
  • 3 – T15 Tip

Discover the difference a smart deck makes with DeckWise®. Contact your local dealer, or call us direct at 941-896-9851 today to get build a smart deck with these professional grade colored stainless decking screws.

Deck Wise Hidden Stainless Steel Siding Fasteners 175 Piece Kit - Clips & Screws & Starter Clips

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