Hardwood Deck Restoration All-In-1 Kit

What Is The DeckWise® Hardwood Maintenance Kit?

Restore Decking Natural Wood Color

Hardwoods are unlike any other wood in the world, and as such, they shouldn't be treated like any other deck refinishing job.

Everyone knows the look of a freshly oiled or restored hardwood deck is awfully hard to beat when it comes to a luxurious smooth deck surface. Let’s be real here. Why spend big money on exotic wood decking such as Ipe, Tigerwood, Massaranduba or Cumaru, only to allow it to grey out or become filthy dirty?

The NEW DeckWise® Hardwood Deck Maintenance Kit is a specially assembled kit which includes everything Homeowners and Contractors need to maintain the natural wood color of hardwood decking. Our new kit is perfect for Ipe deck maintenance, as well as maintaining other hardwood decks using hidden fasteners.

If that's not enough, we've carefully selected the best paint tray, roller and brush, a 2 inch trim brush, stir sticks, wipe rags and a can opener for a one stop complete kit.

deckwise maintenance kit
Hidden Deck Fastener Extreme
Ipe Oil®
Hidden Deck Fastener ExtremeKD
Hidden Deck Fastener Extreme4
Hidden Deck Fastener Extreme4
Paint Tray
Hidden Deck Fastener Standard
Paint Paddles
Stainless steel screws for decks
Paint Can Opener
Deck board spacers 1/8 inch
Varnish Brush
Deck board spacers 5/32 inch
Pro White Rags
Deck board spacers 1/4 inch
Woven Roller Cover
Deck board spacers 13/64 inch
Roller Handle

21 Piece Kit - Everything Included!

What's IncludedQuantity
  Ipe Oil® Hardwood Finish 1 Gallon
  DeckWise® Deck & Wood Cleaner (Part 1) 16 Oz.
  DeckWise® Deck & Wood Brightener (Part 2) 16 Oz.
  Merit Pro 9" (22,9cm) Bright Metal Paint Tray 1
  Merit Pro 9" (22,9cm) 5 Wire Roller Frame with Black Handle 1
  Merit Pro 9" (22,9cm) X 3/8" (9,5mm) Woven Roller Cover 1
  Merit Pro 2" (5,08cm) Painter's Beavertail Handle Varnish Brush 1
  Merit Pro Paint Can Opener 1
  American Paint Paddle 12" (30,5cm) 3
  Scott White Pro Rags 10
deckwise maintenance kit tray

The Process

First, we start out by cleaning your decking board surface and then brightening the wood to bring the natural wood oils back to the surface. Our Wood Cleaner Part 1 and Brightener Part 2 products are biodegradable and much safer than bleach or other harsh chemicals on the market. Bringing back the natural color of your hardwood decking has never been this quick, or this easy!

Next, featuring Ipe Oil® as the star attraction, our Hardwood Deck Maintenance Kit makes the job of restoring hardwood decking to its original natural color a breeze. Ipe Oil® is known world-wide as one of the best hardwood oil finish on the market to restore the natural wood color of your deck, railings, steps and everything in between. Simply apply the Ipe Oil® as instructed with the included paint roller and wipe off the excess as you go. Simply beautiful!

Learn More About DeckWise® Wood Care

ipe oil can
ipe oil logo

Enhance and bring out the natural grain of your hardwoods, with Ipe Oil® natural wood finish. Formulated for U.V. ray protection and to reduce the chance or warping and cracking of your deck.

deckwise hardwood cleaner and brightener

Is your hardwood deck beginning to lose its natural luster?

Using DeckWise® Deck & Wood Cleaner Part 1 and Brightener Part 2 washes away dirt, brightens and helps remove greying prior to re-applying oil to your hardwood deck.

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Perfect For DIY Homeowners

How many projects have you tried to accomplish at home only to be frustrated by not finding the entire set of components you need? Multiple trips to the lumber yard and supply store to pick up missed items is not only time consuming, it also cuts into family time.

This is a must-have kit for the Homeowner who cherishes good craftsmanship; deep brown wood; and a luxurious wood finish. This is a premium hardwood oil kit packed with everything you need to perfect or protect any natural hardwood deck finish.

We have specifically designed this deck restoration kit to have all of the components and convenience needed for a hassle free DIY project. No need to wonder what wood oil finish to use, we supply a full gallon of Ipe Oil®, which is a leading name brand in the hardwood decking industry.

There is no need to use harsh chemicals to clean your decking prior to refinishing because we supply you with non-caustic and biodegradable cleaner and brightener. Rest easy knowing you will have the correct tools included for the complete job, as well as application instructions and proper waste disposal guidelines.

Repeat Business For Contractors

Hardwoods have the ability to look classy and elegant, while at the same time offer an extended lifetime for decking of up to 75 years in some cases. Professional contractors know this and often use it as a major selling point to their customers.

Now, we are giving Contractors the perfect opportunity to get repeat business by supplying their customers, a way to keep their pristine decks looking like the day they were installed.

Freshly oiled hardwood decking looks deep, wet, and has a distinct luster that has attracted a unique group of hardwood enthusiast homeowners for years. Contractors can now have the same easy access to all of the components needed for repeat business and service past customers on a regular basis. The reality is, hardwood gets dirty and grey just as any other wood decking will. So why let that happen to your customers who put their trust and faith in your carpentry and business’s reputation?

Place Your Orders Now!

When purchasing a decking restoration kit, remember that, like oils and stains, there is a wide variety of quality in the marketplace.

Many companies sell deck surface renewal kits with un-tested, poor quality parts. At DeckWise® we have technicians on staff to test to ensure high quality, and provide technical support if you have installation questions.

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