1x Rainscreen Hidden Siding Fastener Clips

The Complete 1X Hardwood 3/4 Board Rainscreen Siding Fastener System

Rainscreen siding systems revolutionize the way siding boards are installed and fastened to structures by introducing an innovative air gap between the siding material and the underlying structure. Crafted from premium marine grade aluminum, the DeckWise® 1X Rainscreen Hardwood Siding Fastener is the complete system for 3/4-inch siding boards.

What sets our rainscreen siding fastener apart is its ability to eliminate the need for furring strips entirely, serving as both the fastener and starter clip. By installing directly over plywood or OSB exterior sheathing, our fastener provides a 3/4-inch standoff for air ventilation. This critical airspace facilitates proper moisture management, preventing moisture buildup and potential damage to the structure.

Unlike traditional furring strip systems, where water becomes trapped behind the strips, our innovative fastener eliminates the need for furring strips altogether. This streamlines the installation process, and also reduces building material costs.

Designed specifically for 3/4-inch board hardwood siding, our rainscreen fastener system offers homeowners a secure siding solution that shields and safeguards against even the most extreme weather conditions. With DeckWise® 1X Rainscreen Hardwood Siding Fasteners, you can rest assured knowing that your siding is fortified with a robust and reliable fastening system that enhances both durability and performance.

For more information on our Rainscreen Hidden Cladding/Siding Fasteners, please be sure to contact us online or to call us directly at 941-896-9851.

DeckWise® 1X Rainscreen Siding Fastener Kit Contains:

  • Starter Clips - NOT NEEDED!
  • Siding Clips (See below for amounts)
  • DeckWise® #9x1" or #9x1-1/2" Flat Pan Head Stainless Steel Screws
  • ttap® T-20 Driver Tip: Ensures a tight fit, reducing cam-out

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Hidden Siding Fastener kits from DeckWise
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DeckWise® Rainscreen Hidden Siding Fasteners Limited Warranty

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rainscreen hardwood fastener clip
rainscreen hardwood fastener clip

1X Hardwood Siding Fastener Installation

What’s most notable about the DeckWise® 1X Hardwood Rainscreen Fastening System is that, we have omitted the need for cumbersome starter clips or starter rails. The design of our rainscreen fastener and ease of installation fashions the fastener clip to act as a starter clip. This means no more fumbling for multiple clip shapes and sizes. It couldn’t be simpler to install hardwood rainscreen siding.

Hanging vertical hardwood rainscreen siding for new builds, remodeling, and re-siding projects will give you peace of mind and no worries of loose boards for years to come.

Our extruded aluminum siding fastener comes with 3 predrilled holes for easy mounting and weep valleys for water drainage ensuring joints stay dry. The wide mounting flange also provides a sturdy base to ensure that hardwood siding/cladding is properly seated. Stainless-steel screws used for installation work together with the aluminum siding fastener to stave off any possible corrosion or galvanic action.

The unique technology of the ttap® T20 Driver Tip allows the driver tip to perfectly fit into the screw head for effortless one hand screw driving.

The unique design of our 1X rainscreen siding clip makes it a cost-effective system for installing hardwood rainscreen profiled siding such as Ipe, Cumaru, Garapa, Western Red Cedar, and any other suitable species of hardwood.

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rainscreen siding clip 1x hardwoods

Rainscreen 1X Siding Fastener Kit Contents

Install hardwood siding with no visible fasteners on the surface. See below for available quantities.

Hidden Siding Fastener Clips
DeckWise® 1X Rainscreen Siding Fasteners
Stainless Steel Trim Head Screws
#9x1"or #9x1-1/2" Stainless Steel Flat ttap® Pan Head Screws
T15 Driver Tip from DeckWise
T-20 ttap® Driver Tip

How to Install

DeckWise® Hidden Rainscreen Siding Fasteners for hardwoods are easy to install and can help extend the life of your siding. Our unique design mounts on the edge of the siding boards rather than through the face so your finished project is not only great looking, but also smooth and more structurally stable.

  Download Install Guide   Download 1X Rainscreen Profile

Installation Process

rainscreen siding clip 1x hardwoods

Available Kit Options

DeckWise® 1X Hardwood Hidden Siding Fasteners are available
as complete kits in the following quanitities:

Rainscreen 1X Fasteners


  • 60
    #9x1" or #9x1-1/2" Flat ttap® Pan Head
    Stainless Steel Screws
  • 1 – ttap® T20 Driver Tip

Rainscreen 1X Fasteners


  • 125
    #9x1" or #9x1-1/2" Flat ttap® Pan Head
    Stainless Steel Screws
  • 1 – ttap® T20 Driver Tip

Rainscreen 1X Fasteners


  • 350
    #9x1" or #9x1-1/2" Flat ttap® Pan Head
    Stainless Steel Screws
  • 2 – ttap® T20 Driver Tips

Discover the difference a smart deck makes with DeckWise®. Contact your local dealer, or call us direct at 941-896-9851 today to get build a smart deck with these professional grade colored stainless decking screws.

TORX® and ttap® are the registered trademarks of Camcar Innovations.

DeckWise Hardwood Aluminum Rainscreen 1X Siding Fastener Clips and Stainless Steel Screws.

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