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DeckWise hardwood plug cutters
Warning: To reduce the risk of injury, read and understand the operator’s manual for your power tool before use. Always wear eye protection.

DeckWise® Hardwood Plug Cutters offer the following features and benefits:

  • Anti-Skate Design
  • Extra Sharp Cutting Teeth
  • Job Site Convenience
Attach plug cutter to drill 1

Step 1: Attach to Drill

Attach to any hand-held electric or battery powered drill.

Note: Can also be used with a drill press

Insert point into wood 2

Step 2: Insert Point

Remove the plastic pin protective cover. Insert retractable point into wood.

Cut plug to proper depth 3

Step 3: Cut Plug

Secure the scrap piece of wood you will be cutting the plugs out of with a clamp. Slowly increase the drill speed until the teeth begin to cut and then increase to max speed until you have reached a depth of about 3/8”.

Remove cut plug from board 4

Step 4: Remove Plug

Snap the plug free by inserting a flat head screwdriver or a small chisel in the cut and push it against the plug along the grain. Snapping against the grain results in the plug breaking uneven and too short to use.

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