Drill Bits

1/8" (3,2mm) High Speed Drill Bit

Dependable. Tough. Long-lasting. These high speed drill bits are ideal for pre-drilling dense hardwood decking.

Drill Bits from DeckWise

Drive Tips

These screw gun tips range from a 4-sided R1 Square Driver Tip to these 6-point Torx T10, T15 and T-TAP® T15 drill tips. For ordering information please be sure to contact us.

R1 Square Driver Tip
R1 Square Driver Tip
R2 Square Driver Tip
R2 Square Driver Tip
T10 Star Drive Tip
T10 Star Drive Tip
T15 Star Drive Tip
T15 Star Drive Tip
T15 Star Drive Tip
t-tap logo T15 Star Drive Tip
T20 Star Drive Tip
T20 Star Drive Tip
T25 Star Drive Tip
T25 Star Drive Tip

Drill & Drive Replacement Countersink Bits

Bent or broken Drill & Drive™ countersink bits can be easily replaced by giving us a call. Place your order fast to avoid down time! For quick information and sales, contact us by phone or online.

drill and drive countersink replacement

Joist Tape

Our NEW Joist Tape™ offers a versatile polyethylene water-proof flashing and barrier product, with a rubberized asphalt adhesive. Merely apply Joist Tape™ on top of joists, over wooden posts, and upon ledger boards to help protect against wood rot and deterioration prompted by water intrusion.

deckwise joist barrier tape

Hardwood Wrench™ Replacement Knurled Stainless Steel Joist Pins

We guarantee our products will last for a long time however there are times when parts do wear out. If the joist pins ever break or need to be replaced give us a call for replacements to get you back on the job!

hardwood wrench knurled joist pin

Wood Glues & Adhesives

When deck builders need a wood glue to secure hardwood plugs they turn to Gorilla Glue®, the gold standard of wood glues. Gorilla Glue® is famous for having a super strong grip that lasts and is 100% waterproof, temperature resistant, sandable, and stainable.

When installing hardwood plugs, Original Gorilla Glue® reaches 80% cure after just 1-2 hours. For best results a 24 hour wait period will achieve a 100% cure. Note that hardwood plug cure time can vary depending on location temperature, humidity and the porosity of the specific specie of lumber materials.​

Gorilla Glue Adhesive

Hardwood Post Caps

Hardwood Decking Post Caps
5½" (14cm) Post Caps
7¼" (18,4cm) Post Caps
9¼" (23,5cm) Post Caps

For more information please be sure to contact us online or call us directly at 941-896-9851.

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