Getting spaced out can be a good thing.

DeckWise® spacers are a great addition to your deck building toolbox. The versatile design allows you to use these decking spacers in any position between boards. And, with the bright color-coded design, finding the right spacer is now much easier than other generic, disposable brands on the market.

Wise Up! Creating Perfect Deck Board Gap Spacing

Watch how you can create beautiful, uniform deck board gap spacing with a simple board spacing tool that works flawlessly with the Hardwood Wrench or any other board straightening tool. Brought to you by DeckWise®.

Deckwise 1/8" Deck Boards Spacers - 20 pieces - for Pressure Treated, Composite, PVC and Hardwood Decking!
Deck Board Spacers Made in the USA
1/8 inch Deck Board Spacer by DeckWise
5/32 inch Deck Board Spacer by DeckWise
13/64 inch Deck Board Spacer by DeckWise
1/4 inch Deck Board Spacer by DeckWise
5/16 inch Deck Board Spacer by DeckWise

Because attention to detail is what separates the amateurs from the professionals.

The special blade design of DeckWise® decking spacers prevents denting and marring of hardwood or composite boards that are pressed together during installation. Moving laterally in between boards is a breeze thanks to the spacers unique handle.

Deck Board Spacers 6 pack made by DeckWise
6 Pack
6 Pack
20 Pack

* 6 Pack Deck Spacers are availble in the 5 size options above

* Multi (20) Pack Deck Spacers contain 4 of each size spacer

Deck Board Spacers 20 pack made by DeckWise
20 Pack

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