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Router Bit Edge Groove Cutters

router bit in package

4-Wing Slot Cutter Bits

DeckWise® Router Bits have been specifically designed to create a perfectly symmetrical groove to accept Ipe Clip® Hidden Deck Fasteners. The 4-wing design provides a smooth cut for creating slots and grooves in decking material including exotic hardwoods, thermally treated softwoods, and composites. Two sizes available and fits most router devices.

router bit diagram

Router Bit Slot Cutting Instructions

DeckWise router bit slot cutter

Warning: Do not use bit if dull, cracked or damaged. Bits exceeding 1” diameter should be mounted in a router table. Never exceed maximum (16,000 RPM) recommended for this bit. (Visit for additional safety instructions.)

Safety Equipment: Eye Protection, Dust Mask, & Ear Plugs

Residents of California: Please see Proposition 65 information & warning

Deck Groove Profile

Deck board edge groove profile
A = 5/32"
B = 1/2"
C = Measurement of deck board thickness
D = (C-A)/2 Note: This will center groove in the board

Cutting Slots with a Hand Held Router

Make sure the deck board is securely clamped to work area using a clamp at each end.

Step 1: Insert router bit 1

Step 1: Insert Router Bit

ALWAYS unplug the power cord before removing or installing router bit. Insert the bit until the arbor (shank) hits the bottom of the collet chuck; then ease it out about 1/8” to 1/4” before tightening the collet.

Step 2: Set router bit depth 2

Step 2: Set Router Depth

Adjust the bit to the correct depth following the deck groove profile above.

(Visit for more details on the groove profile.)

Step 3: Cut edge slots 3

Step 3: Cut Slots in Deck Board

Place the baseplate on the edge of the board so the router bit is in position. Turn on router and grasp the router with both hands. Do not allow the bit to come in contact with the wood until the router is up to full speed. Moving from left to right, plunge the cutting bit in the side of the deck board above each joist and cut.

Step 4: Insert Ipe Clip® into slot 4

Step 4: Fit Ipe Clip® in Deck Board Slot

The DeckWise® Ipe Clip® should slide into the slot above the joist with the legs flush against the side of the deck board. Make sure the top of the clip is level in the slot above the joist.

Cutting Grooves Along Entire Deck Board

Determine the correct cut depth setting of the router bit by following the diagram above.

Step 1: Secure board with clamp 1

Step 1: Secure Deck Boards

Make sure both ends of the deck board is securely clamped before routing.

Step 2: Cut groove 2

Step 2: Cut Groove

Turn on the router. Ease the bit into the left end of the deck board while keeping the baseplate of the router flat on the surface of the deck board. Cut groove from left to right, moving the router along the deck board with both hands while allowing the bit to cut the groove. Keep moving the router steadily until you reach the other end. Turn off router.

Using a Router Table

Step 1: Secure board with clamp 1

Step 1: Install Router Motor in Table

Set up router table according to manufacturer’s instructions. Tighten the DeckWise® Slot Cutter bit into the router and mount the router in the base. Adjust the height of the bit to fit the groove profile shown on the previous page.

(Visit for more details on the groove profile.)

Step 1: Secure board with clamp 2

Step 2: Align Deck Board

Attach the fence guide to the router table to keep deck board straight. Clamp featherboards to the table and the fence to keep the decking snug against the fence and to help resist kickback.

Step 1: Secure board with clamp 3

Step 3: Groove Deck Board

Turn on router. Hold deck board firmly against the fence and push past the bit moving from right to left. Use push sticks or pads to keep your hands away from the bit. Turn off the router when entire board is grooved.

Tip: To avoid burn marks from the router bit, feed the board at a steady rate without stopping. The rate of feed depends on the bit and type of hardwood.

Step 4: Secure board with clamp 4

Step 4: Fit Ipe Clip® in Deck Board Groove

The DeckWise® Ipe Clip® should slide into the groove with the legs flush against the deck board. Make sure the top of the clip is level in the groove.

Symmetrical Grooves

The symmetrical groove profile allows boards to be reversed and/or flipped to put the best side up. Whether using pre-grooved deck boards or cutting groove slots on the job, the DeckWise® Hidden Deck Fastener Clip fits perfectly within the edge groove and allows just the right amount of tolerance for an easy installation.

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