WiseCable® WiseRail® Deck Cable Railing

See-Through Stainless Steel Cable Railing

Opening Up the Scenery

When choosing the perfect railing for your hardwood project, the first consideration must always be the outward looking view. What does the scenery look like from your deck? Would it be obstructed due to the railing you choose? Will you install traditional bulky wooden balusters or a railing that is a sleek and modern design? It’s a BIG consideration.

We feel the right choice is to install one of the three WiseCable® WiseRail® series of 316 grade stainless steel cable railing. The 1/8” thick cable allows any deck, patio or stairway to be an unobstructed open view. It allows for a perfect view of your children playing; your boat and dock on the lake; the rolling plains of the Midwest, or that incredible mountain scenery.

With every hardwood railing project there are many considerations. How will the cable rail receivers and tensioners look? Are the fittings large turnbuckles and look like bulky industrial hardware or will they be slender, modern and streamlined?

WiseRail Cable Railing Deck

Any of the WiseCable® WiseRail® 316 grade stainless steel cable railing kits will fit everyone’s requirements for contemporary railing. Depending on the layout of your project, simply choose inside-to-inside or outside-to-outside kits for the perfect match. All WiseCable® WiseRail® cable railing assembly kits come with five to 50 feet of cable, cable railing hardware for both ends of your run, all washers and fasteners necessary.

Kits may be installed on most new or existing hardwood posts in exterior, interior, residential, and commercial settings. Complete installation guides are included and frame requirements, specifications, and detail drawings are available.

Easy to Run Deck Cable Railing

Outside-to-Outside Post Fittings

Through the post hardware (outside-to-outside) is ideal when you want to hide the receiver and tensioner fittings. This type of hardware should be used on the “View Run” which is the most important run and typically the outward facing run. It is the railing run where you want to have the least amount of interference with your outward view. Always start with this run and build around it.

Through the post hardware can also be installed on railing runs where both sides of the wooden post are accessible for installation. (If a wood post is too close to the house or an obstacle, an inside-to-inside kit must be installed.)

Inside-to-Inside Post Fittings

Inside-to-inside fittings are installed when only one side of a wooden post is accessible. Such as against the house; when outside-to-outside hardware is used; and when there is an obstacle in the way. These fittings use lags which are screwed into the wooden posts and the small receivers of the kits are visible.

WiseRail Cable Railing Package
Push lock diagram
Adjustable body diagram
Pull lock adjustable body diagram

Combination Post Fittings

Many times cable railing kits can be used in combinations of inside-to-inside and outside-to-outside post fittings. Depending on your wooden post placements, most hardwood projects will use a combination of cable rail kits.

For example, when installing through the post fittings (outside-to-outside), it is not possible to insert another parallel receiver or tensioner through wooden post corners without offsetting the fittings. This is when an inside-to-inside fitting can be mounted in conjunction with an outside-to-outside fitting. This will make the cable railing runs appear to be on the same plain all around the deck. Outside the post fittings also work well on stair steps when connected to the “View Run” which would use outside-to-outside through the post fittings.

WiseRail Cable Railing Deck on Lake
step 1: pre drilling cable railing fittings

Step 1

Drill holes in posts 3-1/8" on center for lags, push & pull locks as well as receivers.

step 2: adjusting cable railing receivers

Step 2

Dry fit receivers to ensure proper alignment before running cable.

step 3: running cable railing

Step 3

Run swaged cabling through fittings and attach to lags.

step 4: cutting excess cable railing

Step 4

Cut off excess cable through pull locks and cover with a cap.

Ready to Install Kits

WiseRail package on hardwood deck

We stock pre-packaged ready-to-install kits that are suitable for most field conditions and do not require any type of field swaging tools. If after taking a look at the WiseCable® WiseRail® on this site, you would still like application assistance, just give us a call, we want to help with your project.

Architect & Specifiers

Architect plans

Rely on our application experts to recommend and provide you with the proper C.S.I specifications for the hardware and cable that is the most appropriate for your job. We will ensure that your needs for appearance, low maintenance, corrosion protection, ease of field installation, and a strong warranty are met or exceeded.

Contractors & DIY

Decking contractors working

By focusing on customer service, quality hardware, and the simplest installation techniques, we will make you look like an expert installer. Send us a sketch and we will have a detailed takeoff and pricing to you in 24 hours or less.

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