DeckWise® Hidden Deck Fasteners with stainless steel reinforcement are tested to be up to 3x stronger than other unseen deck/patio fastener systems. Our unique and patented design offers quick and easy installation, while giving both do-it-yourselfers and expert decking contractors a smooth, fastener-free surface. Do It Once, Do It Right, Do It Out Of Sight!™

Unlike most all-metal hidden deck fasteners, which can react with wood causing staining, the Ipe Clip® is molded of a malleable plastic polymer resin coating (further adding UV & chemical resistant qualities), allowing for the natural expansion/contraction of wood decking.

Our rigid stainless steel insert firmly holds decking to joists (up to 3X more hold-down strength than other edge-mount deck fasteners), eliminating decking screws from pulling through as the deck material expands.

Designed for exotic hardwoods, the color of the plastic resin also works to further camouflage & conceal our fasteners between the board gaps for a more sleek, upscale surface.

  • Attachment of deck clip to material at a 45° angle into joists for maximum hold-down
  • Integrated gap spacer legs in 3/32” (2,4mm), 5/32” (4mm) or 1/4” (6,4mm)
  • Stainless steel reinforcement for extreme hardness
  • Use with lengthwise pre-grooved slots, job site biscuit joiner or router
  • A Symmetrical wood edge profile allows for reversible boards
  • Standard edge profile of 5/32” (4mm) by 1/2” (13mm)

Remember, a deck, patio or terrace that is installed with DeckWise® Hidden Deck Fasteners will make your new build safer, longer lasting, more durable, and better looking with a smooth surface.

DeckWise warranty emblem

DeckWise® Ipe Clip® Limited Warranty

In order to be eligible to make a warranty claim, you must complete the registration for warranty here: www.deckwise.com/warranty/register.html


Heavy-duty Polymer & Stainless Steel Reinforcement

Our invisible deck fasteners are manufactured from a UV resistant, high-strength polymer material (polypropylene and polyethylene), giving them extreme hardness and durability no matter what climate they are used in. By installing our high strength clips, you will have increased holding power with our stainless steel insert as well as support to prevent deck screw heads from being overdriven - as can be a problem with other lesser quality wood fasteners.

Hidden Deck Fasteners
Ipe Clip Stainless

Quick & Easy Installation Process

The Ipe Clip® Extreme® line features a quick and easy installation process for the reason that, all the work is done from the top-side of the deck. There is no need to stand on your head during the installation of the boards. The install process is made even more simple, because our fasteners automatically set board gap spacing between the decking material. No gap space measuring is needed when you choose our system.

Reliable Deck Board Gapping

The reason Ipe Clip® Extreme® invisible clips set a smaller gap between deck boards than Ipe Clip® ExtremeKD® or the Extreme-S® clip is because different decking materials require different gap spacing. The Extreme® (3/32” (2,4mm) spacer) is designed for small gaps such as on hardwood decking, while the ExtremeS® uses a 5/32” (4mm) gap and the ExtremeKD® can be used with composites for a 1/4” (6,4mm) gapping. For example, air dried decking material will tend to contract on its width more than kiln dried material so a smaller gap space between boards is required. These deck clips are installed with one side of the decking board, free to contract and expand on its width as needed.

Ipe Clip Hidden Deck Fastener Gap Spacing
Ipe Clip Extreme

Air-Dried Lumber

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Ipe Clip ExtremeS

Kiln-Dried or Air-Dried Lumber

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Ipe Clip ExtremeKD

Kiln-Dried Lumber, Composites, PVC

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Advantages To DeckWise® Invisible Fastener Clips

Shape: Due to its size and shape, the square biscuit Ipe Clip® brand speeds up installs and eases installation problems associated with other patio/decking fastener methods. The smaller shape allows for approximately 1 inch of tolerance in the positioning of the slots cut by a biscuit joiner or router.

Other unseen fastening methods do not allow for much tolerance in the cutting ofthe edge slots, which complicates and slows installation.

Color: Available in “Hardwood Brown”, “Composite Grey” or “Shadowline Black” to match the desired look of your exotic hardwoods, thermally modified wood, PVC or composite decking.

Tips: Unlike other deck building systems, each box of Ipe Clip® invisible clips contains a 1/8” (3,2mm) pre-drill bit and a T15 - Star Drive screw gun tip needed for installation.

t15 driver tip
(EXCLUDED in 100 Complete Kit)

Tools & Accessories: Our fastener kits can be ordered in multiple combinations of clip colors, screw types, lengths and head colors, screw bits and tips, gap spacer sizes, as well as face screwing and leader board wooden hole plugs.

Moreover, we supply many deck builders with other accessories such as a hardwood oil finish (Ipe Oil™), an end grain sealant plus wood cleaner and brighteners.

Board Bending Tool: DeckWise® is all about innovation and we have hit a home run with our Hardwood Wrench™ board bending tool. Nowhere else can builders get 1,100 pounds of bending force to straighten crooked hardwood boards.

Offering 10 different combinations in one single straightening tool, the Hardwood Wrench™ is expandable, reversible and will work on single and double joists, including furring when straightening wooden siding.

Available in 3 Signature Colors

The Extreme® line of Hidden Deck Fasteners is available in THREE signature colors to match most decking materials. Builders can conceal this fastener between the board gaps even better with Shadowline Black, Composite Grey or Hardwood Brown colored Ipe Clips®.

Ipe Clip® Extreme® fastener clips were created by building professionals for every variety of deck builder.

Hidden Deck Fasteners

EXTREME® Ipe Clip® Series - U.S. Patent Numbers 8,464,488 and 8,806,829.
Original, “round”, STANDARD Ipe Clip® - U.S. Patent No. D470,039.

Our Hidden Deck Fasteners

Perfect for Exotic Hardwoods, Composites, Thermally Modified Wood and PVC Decking


  • 3 available colors

  • 3/32" or 2,4mm gap spacing
  • Recommended for use with Air Dried Decking
  • Hardened stainless steel insert
  • Made from UV & chemical resistant glass filled polypropylene
  • Square shape provides more surface contact for holding power


  • 3 available colors

  • 5/32" or 4mm gap spacing
  • Recommended for use with Kiln Dried, Composite, PVC Decking
  • Hardened stainless steel insert
  • Made from UV & chemical resistant polyethylene
  • Versatile Leg for maximum compatibility with decking materials


  • 3 available colors

  • 1/4" or 6,4mm gap spacing
  • Recommended for use with Kiln Dried, Composite, and PVC Decking
  • Hardened stainless steel insert
  • Made from UV & chemical resistant polyethylene
  • Hollow leg is ideal for expansion of kiln dried decking materials


  • 3 available colors

  • 3/32" or 2,4mm gap spacing
  • Recommended for use with Air Dried Decking
  • No stainless steel insert
  • Made from UV & chemical resistant glass filled polypropylene
  • Fiberglass reinforced polypropylene for a stronger all-plastic fastener

Guaranteed Durability In Any Climate

Engineered with a stainless steel insert for strength (coated with black oxide for protection against corrosion), these invisible deck clips will last a lifetime. The durability of the plastic polymer resin used during molding includes UV & chemical resistant qualities to ensure no failures due to inclement weather. Rest assured, corrosion between wood and stainless steel isn’t an issue as well as no discoloration from natural wood oils, these patio and terrace fastener clips are meant to last.

Exotic Ipe Pool Deck

1. Stainless Steel Reinforcement

  • Promises strength, stability and durability
  • Anti-corrosive black oxide stainless steel
  • Faultless positioning of the screw head
  • Insert prevents over driving of wood screws

2. High-performance polymer resin outer shell

  • Mold injected polyethylene and polypropylene covers the clip entirely
  • State-of-the-art design patented, salt water and pull-up tested
  • UV & chemical protection for long lasting color resilience

Incorporated Gap Spacer Leg

The gap spacing leg on our hidden fasteners is integrated into the biscuit clip shape as one entire piece. The protruding legs are sized to fit general deck gap spacing for numerous species of exotic hard woods, composite decking and thermal wood decking. Depending on the gap you desire, these legs will hold strong and not crumble or collapse under pressure. Larger gapped legs will return to their original shape if compressed by wood expanding to weather changes and moisture.

  • Keeps gap spacing identical across the entire deck
  • Three spacer leg sizes to suit all types of decking material
  • Compresses with the expansion of wood decking without marring the edges of the boards
  • Rebounds to original shape when the expanding boards return to their installation position

Symmetrical & Reversible Boards

The vast majority of pre-grooved decking boards which are profiled to receive an invisible fastener clip, are not reversible. Their edge cut slot profile is irregular and sometimes proprietary to other edge-mount fastener companies. Therefore, only one side of the boards can possibly be installed – hopefully the flawless side. If the top-side of a decking board is damaged, it is unable to be installed and is lost, costing you money. However,the edge mount profile our fastening clips require is a symmetrical side cut groove allowing boards to be flipped to choose the best side for a pristine deck surface.

  • Both sides of the wooden deck board can be utilized to prevent material loss, allowing deck builders the ability to select the most attractive side
  • The Ipe Clip® side-mount groove profile is completely symmetrical
  • As a result, value and worth are improved, installation is made easier, and losses and costs are reduced
  • Side edge profile of 5/32” (4mm) by 1/2” (13mm)

Installing DeckWise® Hidden Deck Fasteners

DeckWise® Hidden Deck Fasteners are easy to install and can help extend the life of your hardwood decking. Our patented design mounts on the edge of the deck boards rather than through the top so your finished project is not only a great looking deck but also safer and more structurally stable. Visit Deckwise.com to learn more.

Available Kit Options

NOTE: Ipe Clip® Fastener Kit combinations can be ordered in variations of 100 pieces and complete 175 kit counts. Plus, decking screws can be mixed and matched for different lengths, color and style.

DeckWise Ipe Clip Fasteners

Complete Kit Components

  • (175) Hidden Deck Fasteners
  • (190) Stainless Steel T15 - Star Drive Screws
  • (12) 3/8" (9,5mm) Tapered Ipe plugs
  • (3) Deck Spacers (w/ Extreme4 and KD kits)
  • (1) 1/8" (3,2mm) High Speed Drill Bit
  • (1) T15 Star Driver Tip
  • (1) Instruction Sheet

100 Count Components

  • (100) Hidden Deck Fasteners
  • (100) Stainless Steel T15 - Star Drive Screws
  • (3) Deck Spacers (w/ Extreme4 and KD kits)
  • (1) Instruction Sheet
Ipe Clip Contractor Buckets

2 Gal. Contractor Bucket

  • (525) Hidden Deck Fasteners
  • (570) Stainless Steel T15 - Star Drive Screws
  • (6) Deck Spacer Tools (w/ Extreme4 and KD buckets)
  • (3) T15 Star Driver Tips
  • (3) 1/8" (3,2mm) High Speed Drill Bit
  • (1) Instruction Sheet

5 Gal. Contractor Bucket

  • (1050) Hidden Deck Fasteners
  • (1140) Stainless Steel T15 - Star Drive Screws
  • (6) Deck Spacer Tools (w/ Extreme4 and KD buckets)
  • (5) T15 Star Driver Tips
  • (5) 1/8" (3,2mm) High Speed Drill Bit
  • (1) Instruction Sheet
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