WiseRail™ Cable Railing Accessories

Tools & Essentials

Stainless Steel Post Protector Tube

cs tube in wood
cs tube

The post protector tube is inserted into a wood post where the cable enters/exits the post at an angle to keep the cable from biting into the wood.

Order: WC-CS-TUBE-4

Cable Release

pl key

For 1/8” Push and pull locks only. Releases cable from push lock and pull lock type fittings before cables are tensioned.

Order: WC-PL-KEY

Stainless Steel Crown End Cap

stainless-steel caps

Stainless Steel End Cap is elegant and durable, these end caps will add a finished look.

Order: WC-HS-CAP-10

Cut-Off Tool

grinder cut-off wheel

Used to cut cable flush with the end of Pull-Lock fittings and to cut excess threads off stud-type tensioners. Includes mandrel and two cut-off wheels.


Light-Duty Cable Cutter

light-duty cable cutters

Light-duty cable rail cutters for burr-free cutting. Hardened blades cut 1/8" cable cleanly.

Order: WC-HIT-HWC6

Anodized Aluminum Cable Brace

aluminum cable brace

3/4” x 3/4” tube, 42” long for cutting down to any size rail height. Holes pre-drilled at 3-1/8” on center, 13 holes total. For use between structural posts to keep cables code compliant on level runs. Use cable brace plugs to attach to top and bottom rail or deck.

Order: WC-CB-AA-42-P-13H

Anodized Aluminum Cable Brace For Stairs

aluminum cable brace stairs

3/4” x 3/4” tube, 42” long for cutting down to any size rail height. Comes undrilled so slots can be field-drilled to match cable array.

Order: WC-CB-AA-42-P-S

Heavy-Duty Cable Cutter

heavy-duty cable cutters

Heavy-duty cable rail cutters for burr-free cutting. Hardened heat treated blades cut 1/8" cable cleanly.

Order: WC-HIT-HWC9

Cable Gripping Pliers

cable gripping pliers

Locking pliers with machined jaws to grip the cable as you are tensioning the cable. Keeps the cable from turning and prevents damage to the cable when cable is being tensioned.


Light Duty Hanger Bolt Driver

socket driver 1/2 inch

Use to install adjustable body with Hanger Bolt tensioners. Makes driving hanger bolts fast and easy.


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