Point-Of-Purchase Display

Marketing for DeckWise® products is an important focus for all of us here. Because consumers tend to make purchasing decisions on products or services at strategic locations, we have specially designed this Point-Of-Purchase (POP) display to increase your in-store DeckWise® sales.

Custom fill your POP display with any combination of DeckWise®products you can imagine! Fill'er up on your next order!

Why? It's simple: A study of POP marketing by Point-of-Purchase Advertising International (POPAI), and what it essentially said was that, about 70% of “BRAND” decisions are made in-store. That is, you might not make the decision to buy breakfast cereal when you're in the store (it was probably on your list before you arrived), but you're more likely to decide between Cheerios™ and Special K® simply from attention getting marketing factors.

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DeckWise® Counter Displays

DeckWise® unveils our newest marketing effort to all Dealers and Distributors as added value in our strategic alliance to assist with sales efforts.

People love to get their hands on products and get a sense of real-world usage. They also love to grip and touch decking products to ensure it meets their needs and standards as well as evaluate its possible usage for their projects.

Show your customers Ipe Clip® hidden deck fasteners… let them feel and touch our deck fasteners to promote sales. These counter display stands are a must for merchandise presentation!

Our counter display features fasteners installed into Ipe hardwood decking with a clear acrylic middle board to demonstrate penetration of the deck screw and position of the edge-mount clip.

By viewing the screw driven at a 45 degree, this illustrates how the Ipe Clip® fastens one side of the board and still allows natural contraction and expansion.

DeckWise countertop display

Get Your Personal POP & Counter Display!

We encourage everyone to contact your DeckWise® Representative to let them know you would like a display to be shipped to your location.

Possible fees may apply, of course. Now get ready to have all of your DeckWise® decking products ready for your customers when they see this display.


Please click below to request a POP or counter display with your next shipment, or for immediate delivery!


The POP Assembled Dimensions are 36" W x 2" D x 70" H and the Shelf Space is 26" W x 21" D x 11" H. Each side has a small shelf for our catalogs.

The counter display measures 15” wide by 12” deep and 5” tall with a rear pocket for your DeckWise® catalogs or sample packs.

Either display will ship with your next order or we can send it earlier for a small freight charge.

Share Your POP On Social Media

DeckWise orders of $3500.00 and above get a complementary POP display at no charge. All we ask is that a Facebook post and image of the FULL display be uploaded to the Company's pages. Cost is $150 to all orders under $3500.00. However, this can be credited back if a Facebook post and image of the FULL display are uploaded to customers Company pages.

Proof of Facebook posting is required by "Sharing" your Company's Facebook post onto the DeckWise Facebook page HERE  .

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