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lockit down washer

Lockit Down Washer™ - Patented Technology

Hardwood deck tiles intended as structural surface tiles over an elevated building surface utilizing a pedestal such as the DeckWise® Altitudes Pedestal®, must be secured to the top of the pedestal to prevent their uplift from wind and dramatic airflow.

Specifically designed for hardwood deck tile floating floors over uneven surfaces, deck tiles can be solidly anchored by the use of a locking washer inserted into the corner cut kerf of hardwood deck tiles. The Lockit Down Washer™ is a round washer comprising of a black oxide coated 304 grade stainless steel insert incased inside of a glass-filled polypropylene plastic resin.

Each Lockit Down Washer™ is secured to the top of a pedestal head with a stainless steel 3/32” screw which passes through the oblong slot in the center of the washer. The screw is threaded into a stainless steel insert attached into the center of the self-leveling pedestal head, locking down the tiles tightly.

pedestal tile with washer

Easy Installation & Removal

Simply, slide a washer fully into the corner cut kerfs of 2 installed and level deck tiles. The washer will mostly be inside these 2 side by side tile corners. Loosely hand-thread the 3/32” stainless steel screw into the Altitudes Pedestal® self-leveling head’s stainless steel insert. (Or use a stainless steel wood screw through the slot of the washer down into pedestal heads without a head insert.)

Install a 3rd and 4th hardwood deck tile onto the pedestal making sure all corner gaps are evenly spaced. At this point, the washer should still be tucked inside the first 2 deck tile kerfs. Move the washer out into the center of the pedestal head making sure there is adequate contact with each deck tile kerf and the washer. Once all 4 deck tiles are in place and levelness is checked, securely tighten the screw for maximum hold-down.

To remove a deck tile: loosen the stainless steel screw and slide the washer inside an adjoining deck tile cut kerf slot and out of the way. All 4 corners of the deck tile that is to be removed will need to have the locking washer loosened and slid to the side for deck tile removal.

Every locking washer can be moved or rotated to selectively disengage any hardwood deck tile. By moving the washer in each corner of a deck tile to disengage, the tile can rapidly be removed from the building surface without the removal of other adjacent deck tiles.

Loosen the 3/32" screw to slide the insert out of the corner cut kerf slot.

lockit down washer

Tighten and remove the 3/32" screw with the hex wrench included in the packaging.

allen wrench
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