Heat-Treated Stainless Deck Screws

Heat-Treated Stainless Steel

Deck Screws

DeckWise Self Drilling Screws for decks
DeckWise® HTSS™ deck screws are available as an option in all DeckWise® Hidden Deck Fastener Kits.

Less Stripping, Less Snapping, Less Headaches!

The NEW DeckWise® HTSS™ (Heat-Treated Stainless Steel) deck screws offer our specially engineered four-sided tips and a serrated thread design to minimize board splitting or splintering, even when drilling near the edge.

Our HTSS™ deck screws are an 18-8 heat treated screw for hardened toughness and feature a patented TTAP® T15 Star Drive head with locking bit. Meaning, lessstripping, less snapping and less headaches when installing hidden deck fasteners, hidden siding fasteners or face screwing. Engineered exclusively by DeckWise®, the HTSS™ deck screws make installations easier than ever.

* TTAP® is a registered trademark of TtapDrive AS

For more information on HTSS™ Screws from DeckWise® please be sure to contact us online or call us directly at 941-896-9851.

DeckWise warranty emblem

DeckWise® Fastener Screws Limited Warranty

In order to be eligible to make a warranty claim, you must complete the registration for warranty here: www.deckwise.com/warranty/register.html

Self Drilling Screws with Ttap
HTSS™ Deck Screws

DeckWise® HTSS™ are heat treated for hardened toughness and longevity on exotic or thermal wood decking.

Pre-drilling is suggested for quick installations of fasteners including countersinks for face screwing.

We suggest using the DeckWise® Drill & Drive tool kit, which comes with 1/8" (3,2mm) bits, T15 tips and a 3/8" (9,5mm) countersink and is interchangable with the TTAP® tip.

TTAP Drive Tips
Quantities Available

DeckWise® HTSS™ Deck Screws are now available as an option in all DeckWise® Hidden Deck Fastener Kits.

Sizes Available#8x2”
(4 x 50mm)
(4 x 45mm)
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