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Get Free Products for Trade Show & Expo Booths

In our continuing effort to assist you as a DeckWise® Dealer or Distributor, we are now offering free decking products for Trade Shows and Expo events.

The next time your business attends a Trade Show or Expo as an exhibitor, give us a call in advance and get DeckWise® products to show off at the show at no charge to you.

Best of all, these products are completely free to your business once you send us a photo of your booth displaying DeckWise® products. Once the show is over, keep the products for other shows or place them in your inventory for sale to your customers.

Get hundreds of dollars’ worth of deck building products for your booth space. All you pay for is shipping to your store.

deckwise tradeshow booth


We will supply you with one of each of the following DeckWise® products listed below for you to display at your trade show and expo booths, FOR FREE!

deckwise ipe clip hidden deck fastener kit

1 Ipe Clip® kit (175 count)

deckwise hidden siding fastener kit

1 Hidden Siding Fastener kit (50 count)

deckwise wisewrap joisttape

1 Joist Tape roll, 3" x 75'

deckwise ipe oil hardwood finish

1 Gallon Ipe Oil®

deckwise one stop complete deck restoration kit

1 Hardwood Deck Maintenance Kit

deckwise hardwood deck cleaner part 1

1 Wood Deck Cleaner Part 1

deckwise hardwood deck brightener part 2

1 Wood Deck Cleaner Part 2

deckwise ipe seal end grain sealant

1 Quart Ipe Seal®

deckwise drill and drive 3-in-1 decking tool kit

1 Drill & Drive™ 3-in-1 tool

deckwise board gap spacers

1 Deck Board Spacer Pack (6 Count)

deckwise exotic hardwood plugs

Hardwood Plugs Sample (10 plugs)

deckwise colormatch trim head screws

Trim-Head Screws (100 Count)

deckwise heat treated stainless steel decking screws

HTSS Screws (100 Count)

deckwise painted head composite decking screws

Composite Screws (100 Count)

deckwise all purpose wood bugle head screws

Bugle Head Screws (100 Count)

deckwise metal joist deck screws

Metal Joist Screws (100 Count)


Additionally, ask for our POP marketing display for your booth if you have room and take it back to your store to use all year displaying DeckWise® products!

NOTE: Hardwood Deck Tiles (including connectors) or a Hardwood Wrench™ will be charged in full at our Distributor level if needed for any show. THIS OFFER IS LIMITED TO ONCE PER YEAR.
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