Hardwood Wrench™ Deck Board Straightener


We hear it all the time; “I wish I had THAT last week!” It never gets old to see the amazement and hear the delight builders have when they first see the DeckWise® Hardwood Wrench™ in action. They grab it and raise it upward in the air, as if it were a Knight's sword. They sense its hefty toughness and straight away want to use it on a project. It's thrilling to observe!

Why the excitement when builders get a grasp of our hardwood board straightening tool? The reality is that, bending warped hardwood boards into place is done with a chisel. This is the primary method in the building industry. It's a practice that gets handed down from builder to builder and generation to generation. It's not wrong per se, just more of an old-school method.

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hardwood wrench deck board straightening tool
Ipe Clip® Installation

When hardwood installers consider how back-breaking it is to battle unwieldy hardwood boards, they appreciate the ease of use our Hardwood Wrench™ offers them. Besides, when installers see our wrench also includes a locking cam which permits them to let go of the wrench handle while installing fasteners, they immediately know they won’t need a knee propped up in order to hold the tool from slipping. They understand the Hardwood Wrench™ stays in place and will not pop off the board, such as other wrenches often do.

This is when we hear installers ask, “Where can I get me one of these wrenches?”

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Straighten Effortlessly

The Hardwood Wrench™ tool is true "One-Man, One-Hand Installation®, meaning it is easy to operate with a single deck installer with many benefits over other methods of straightening deck boards. All it takes is a simple swing of the Hardwood Wrench™ tool's handle and it will make even an extremely bowed board straight as an arrow.

Deck Board Straightener Tool
Place the Hardwood Wrench™ tool on the joist.
One Man Deck Board Straightening Tool
Rotate the handle to straighten the deck boards.
Deck Board Straightener Hardwood Wrench Tool
Cam lock in place holding boards straight while fasteners are installed.

Interested in replacement Knurled Stainless Steel Joist Pins?

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DeckWise® Hardwood Wrench™ Limited Warranty

In order to be eligible to make a warranty claim, you must complete the registration for warranty here: www.deckwise.com/warranty/register.html

Deck Board Straightener Tool Hardwood Wrench
The Ultimate Deck Board Straightener Tool

US Patented

The Hardwood Wrench™ is the most advanced board straightening tool ever created. Give yourself the freedom of installing fasteners with ease with a tool that easily cam locks into place for true "One-Man Installation." With a pushing force of around 1100 lbs., the Hardwood Wrench™ gives you up to 8x more bending power than other deck board straightening tools.

Handle and joist pins have been re-designed giving you the ability to straighten deck boards from both left or right hand direction. This can be useful when you need to straighten a board on the outside of your deck frame.

10 Configurations

  1. Right hand single joist
  2. Right hand double joist
  3. Right hand reverse handle single joist
  4. Right hand reverse handle double joist
  5. Left hand single joist
  6. Left hand double joist
  7. Left hand reverse handle single joist
  8. Left hand reverse handle double joist
  9. Right hand furring
  10. Left hand furring

Patent Numbers: US 8,936,054; 10,526,801B2; D623,913; EP 2,387,648; DE202010001036.5; UK 2,469,964; AU 2010210940; CA 2,749,643. Other patents pending.
For more information visit www.deckwise.com/patents

Work Smarter, Not Harder.

The self-locking deck board straightening tool is used to hold deck boards straight while fasteners are being installed. It cam locks into place and applies much more bending power than other methods of straightening deck boards.

Great For Obtuse Angles

Deck Board Straightener Tool
One Man Deck Board Straightening Tool
Deck Board Straightener Hardwood Wrench Tool
The Hardwood Wrench is a must for any deck builder! We have used it on Standard decking and Hardwood with great success. This tool puts the others to shame when it comes to strength and ease of use. I have purchased numerous inferior tools in the past that just wear down; but the Hardwood Wrench is with me for the long haul.Vincent Monteforte (W.Kingston, Rhode Island)
I had a nightmare deck project and was working alone with a pile of bowed wood. My neighbor saw my frustration and handed me his Hardwood Wrench . Amazed that such a tool actually existed I managed to get back on track and completed the job in half the time. The only bad part about the tool was when I had to give it back!Steve Whitehead (Groton, Connecticut)
I have two words Strong & Simple! This tool makes my projects painless! I’m just a one man operation so the Hardwood Wrench serves as my crew.Pete Meadows (Rugby, North Dakota)
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