Hardwood Wrench Jr. Deck Board Straightening Tool


The Ultimate Light Weight & Economical Board Bending Tool!

Builders and contractors enjoy tools that are specifically designed for a job and when it comes to minimizing job-site time, they turn to the DeckWise® tool line! Deck installers and contractors know our original Hardwood Wrench is the beefiest, most stout deck board bending tool on the market! DeckWise® has scaled down the Hardwood Wrench to a "junior" size for the DIYer, weekend warrior, and Pro deck builder.

Even the most seasoned deck installer knows how grueling it can be when wrangling bent and warped deck boards into submission. Especially when it’s a one-man show or a weekend project! This is where its multidirectional components and multiconfiguration features save the day. A must have in every tool box!

The uncomplicated design of the Hardwood Wrench Jr. fashions it as one of the most innovative board straighteners ever created. Its simplicity results in a lightweight, economical deck board tool making it a valiant contender bending unruly hardwoods, thermal woods, pressure treated, and composites. Just like his Papa!

Hands Free Board Fastening!

  1. Rotating Cam Locks-in Boards
  2. Up to 1,100 lbs. of Pushing Force
  3. Solid Steel Pins Grab Joists Tight
  4. Multi-Directional Capabilities
  5. Right or Left Hand Operation
  6. Reversible Handle for Tight Spaces
  7. Adjustable for Single and Double Joists
hardwood wrench jr board bender tool

hardwood wrench deck board straightening tool
Ipe Clip® Installation

Use when fastening edge-groove clips or when top-down face screwing on either wood or metal joists. Its universal versatility easily adjusts to fit 1-1/2” to 3.5” wide joists and utilizes a cam-lever action pushing up to 1,100 lbs. of force. This rapidly increases on-site deck installations with more efficiency over typical pry bars or chisels.

Give yourself the freedom you need with a deck tool that delivers true "One-Man, One-Hand Installation" capabilities. Simply set your deck boards in place to install hidden deck fasteners or face screws. When an unwieldy board comes your way, place the Hardwood Wrench Jr. (or Hardwood Wrench) onto a joist in either single and double joist configuration, and slide it up the joist so the locking cam touches the edge of the warped board. Effortlessly swing the handle upward to lock the board into a straight position, locking the board in place. Now continue fastening the deck board. It’s that easy!

The Hardwood Wrench Jr. saves time installing deck fasteners on the professional job-site, or on a weekend deck project at home.

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Straighten Effortlessly

The Hardwood Wrench and Hardwood Wrench Jr. deck board straightening tools are simple to operate. They provide a single deck installer the strength needed to straighten ANY deck board. A simple swing of the tool handle pushes the most warped or bowed board straight as an arrow.

Deck Board Straightener Tool
Place the Hardwood Wrench Jr. tool on the joist.
One Man Deck Board Straightening Tool
Rotate the handle to straighten the deck boards.
Deck Board Straightener Hardwood Wrench Tool
Cam locks in place holding boards straight while fasteners are installed.

Interested in replacement Knurled Stainless Steel Joist Pins?

DeckWise warranty emblem

DeckWise® Hardwood Wrench Jr. Limited Warranty

In order to be eligible to make a warranty claim, you must complete the registration for warranty here: www.deckwise.com/warranty/register.html

Deck Board Straightener Tool Hardwood Wrench
The Ultimate Deck Board Straightener Tool

US Patented

Our advanced and patented technology utilizes a rotating, locking cam coupled with an elongated dog-leg which stabilizes and locks this tool into place. Additionally, there are no uncooperative wheels, dials, clamps, or flexible tubing that can slip or spin off the board or joist, making the installer stop fastening just to reset the tool again, and again.

Its hardened steel handle is strong and the solid steel gripping joist pins provide anyone installing a deck the ability to straighten deck boards from both left- or right-hand direction. This is especially useful when straightening a board on the outside of the deck frame.

8 Configurations

  1. Right hand single joist
  2. Right hand double joist
  3. Right hand reverse handle single joist
  4. Right hand reverse handle double joist
  5. Left hand single joist
  6. Left hand double joist
  7. Left hand reverse handle single joist
  8. Left hand reverse handle double joist

Patent Numbers: US 8,936,054; 10,526,801B2; D623,913; EP 2,387,648; DE202010001036.5; UK 2,469,964; AU 2010210940; CA 2,749,643. Other patents pending.
For more information visit www.deckwise.com/patents

Work Smarter, Not Harder.

The Hardwood Wrench Jr. self-locking cam locks deck boards straight when installing hidden deck fasteners. Our patented elongated cam surface applies remarkable power and will not mar the edge of the board during fastening.

Great For Obtuse Angles

Deck Board Straightener Tool
One Man Deck Board Straightening Tool
Deck Board Straightener Hardwood Wrench Tool
We loved the Hardwood Wrench Jr.! This tool gave us so much confidence to build our cabin deck. It was just me and my wife installing the deck and we couldn't be happier how fast the wrench slid into place and moved the boards where I needed them. Andy Lichter (Cedar Rapids, Iowa)
I watched my neighbor install his hardwood deck and thought that I'd never be able to do it myself. But when deciding on what type of deck to install, we decided to use Ipe. I borrowed my neighbor's Hardwood Wrench Jr. and was amazed at how simple it was to use. We also used hidden deck fasteners from DeckWise® and our deck is even better than our neighbor's face screwed deck! Ron Dalton (Charlotte, NC)
As a contractor I do a lot of different jobs and a few decks each year. I purchased the Hardwood Wrench Jr. for my small crew to use and they love it. I'm considering getting another one and maybe expand my deck building more this summer. Pete Kotz (Rugby, Indiana)
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