DeckWise® Deck Ice-Melt:
Your Safe, Effective, and Eco-Friendly Winter Solution

Winter can transform your outdoor spaces into a beautiful snowy wonderland, but it also brings the peril of slippery deck or concrete surfaces that pose a risk to your safety. DeckWise® Deck Ice-Melt (Sprayer Wand Included) is a revolutionary decking preemptive snow and ice melt product designed to be your ally in combating the hazards of winter.

What sets DeckWise® Deck Ice Melt apart is its versatility; it can be sprayed on most wooden and composite outdoor decks, as well as concrete surfaces. This adaptability makes it a comprehensive solution for a range of decking materials. With a powerful potent solution that is gentle yet highly effective, Deck Ice-Melt offers a non-toxic and non-corrosive solution to keep your pathways safe

Exterior Decking & Concrete Surfaces

  • Hardwood Decking
  • Modified, Pine, & PT Decking
  • Composite Decking
  • Concrete & Paver Surfaces
  • Natural Stone
  • Driveways and Garages
  • Entryways and Walkways
  • Median Strips
  • Patios

Composition and Innovation

At the heart of our Deck Ice-Melt is the perfect blend of Magnesium Chloride (MgCl2) and an agriculturally derived inhibitor. This combination not only ensures effective melting of ice and snow on your deck but also sets Deck Ice-Melt apart as a leader in safe and sustainable ice prevention solutions. The magnesium chloride works swiftly to melt deck ice, while the inhibitor, derived from agricultural sources, adds a unique layer of protection that is safe for your decks, concrete, pavers, plants, grass, and safer for pets over traditional ice-melt products. As a liquid ice-melt solution, we believe pet safety is invaluable when compared to typical granular ice-melt crystals that can burn and irritate our furry loved one’s paws! See Pet Care Importance below.

Features & Benefits

  • Available in 1-gallon containers including a hand-held wand sprayer
  • Melts Snow and Ice faster and at a lower temperature than salt
  • Stops 1″-2″ of ice and snow before they accumulate
  • Safe for all surfaces, plants, grass, and pets
  • Non-staining & non-toxic
  • All-natural anti-snow/deicing
  • Creates a non-stick surface
  • Reactivation effect for up to 14 days
  • Biodegradable & water soluble
  • Effective between 37º F to -20º F
  • USDA Biopreferred Product

Application and Usage Guidelines

DeckWise® Deck Ice-Melt offers unparalleled convenience in its easy spray on application. For optimal results, apply the solution two hours before an expected snow or ice storm. Simply mist the entire deck or your desired concrete paver walk path with a light coating to proactively reduce the accumulation of snow or ice.

DeckWise® Deck Ice-Melt Means you’ll shovel less this winter!

The application process involves using our hand-held sprayer that can deliver a 1/4” stream or mist, ensuring uniform coverage. This application versatility makes Deck Ice-Melt effective whether applied preventatively or during a storm, significantly reducing snow and ice accumulation. Strategic planning during application adds another layer of efficiency. Starting from the farthest point minimizes backtracking through the solution, ensuring a seamless and effective application process.

Results may vary depending on the water content in the snow, but Deck Ice-Melt consistently proves its effectiveness in diverse conditions. The unique formulation creates a non-stick surface, preventing the formation of icy layers and making it easier to shovel or sweep away any accumulated snow.

Safety and Environmental Responsibility

Here at DeckWise® we are committed to safety, not only for you but also for your environment. Our Deck Ice-Melt product is biodegradable and water-soluble, ensuring that it leaves no harmful residue on your deck including the surrounding areas. It is safe for all outdoor wood or composite deck surfaces and concrete/paver surfaces, so you can enjoy winter without worrying about damage to your outdoor spaces.

Pet Care Importance

While magnesium chloride is typically a safer ice-melt ingredient, it may also cause stomach upset to pets. Some pet paws may be sensitive to the product. It is best to be careful with your pets around.

Extended Protection and Reactivation Effect

One of the standout features of DeckWise® Deck Ice-Melt is its reactivation effect, providing protection for up to 14 days. This means that a single application can keep your decks and concrete pathways safe for an extended period, reducing the need for frequent reapplications. This is especially valuable in regions with persistent winter weather.

Deck Ice-Melt Melts Snow and Ice faster and at a lower temperature than salt!

Ideal Temperature Range and USDA Biopreferred Certification

Operating effectively between 37º F to -20º F, Deck Ice-Melt covers a broad temperature range, ensuring reliable performance in varying winter conditions. Its ability to withstand diverse temperature conditions makes it a reliable choice for regions with unpredictable weather. Additionally, Deck Ice-Melt proudly holds the USDA Biopreferred Certification, signifying its status as a bio-based solution aligned with eco-friendly practices.

Safe and Worry Free Environment

DeckWise® Deck Ice-Melt is not just a winter necessity - it's a partner in creating a safe, worry-free outdoor environment. It is more than just a product; it's a comprehensive solution for a safer, more enjoyable winter experience. With its innovative formula, versatile application, strategic application guidelines, and dedication to safety and environmental responsibility, Deck Ice-Melt stands out as the premier choice for those seeking a non-toxic and effective deck ice and snow prevention solution. Embrace winter confidently, armed with the assurance that the DeckWise® brand has redefined the standards for ice and snow prevention on your outdoor deck and concrete surfaces.

*Approximate Coverage per Gallon

Varies upon substrate: approximately 200 - 240 ft² per gal., per coat

Actual coverage may vary due to snow or ice on surface.

Product Specifications

Unlimited shelf life

One gallon, (10.5 lbs), is equal to 50lbs of salt, and easier to store, transport, and carry

Agricultural by-product of grain processing

Virtually Colorless and Odorless

Low Viscosity


Apply using a sprayer that can deliver a 1/4” stream or mist. DO NOT DILUTE WITH WATER. Apply to wood decking, landings, stairs, steps, including paver and concrete surfaces. Plan your application from the farthest point to minimize backtracking through the solution.


For best results, apply 2 hours before an expected snow of ice storm. Mist the entire deck or desired walk path with a coating to reduce the accumulation of snow or ice. Can be used before, or during a storm to reduce snow and ice accumulation. *Results may vary depending on the water content in the snow.


Apply in a 1/4" stream to residual ice or snow. Allow between 60-90 minutes for maximum effectiveness.


Use in conjunction with salt ice-melt products.


Keep stored in a cool, dry location for long-term storage.
Do not store below -60 ºF.

DeckWise® Deck Ice-Melt is available in 1 gallon containers. Call 941-896-9851 for availability and information.

Easy Application

Step 1: Spray surfaces 2 hours prior to snowfall starting
Step 2: Start from the farthest point and work backwards
Step 3: Apply product mist with overlapping edges
Step 4: Apply in a 1/4" stream to residual ice or snow
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