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No other company is growing decking products like DeckWise®. Each and every year, we continue to innovate with new and cutting-edge decking products that speak to the needs of builders. Why not, be part of an unbelievable group of wholesaler dealers whom already buy in bulk, dedicated to one clear vision; to improve customer projects with easy-to-use decking solutions.

DeckWise® Dealers and Distributors receive the benefit of low wholesale deck building products at 5 varying levels. Our Dealer Program is designed to meet the needs of numerous business models. Whether you are a Building Materials Store, Lumber Yard or Lumber Mill, there is a detailed program for you.

Please Note: The steps that are listed below are for new accounts in the United States only. If you are interested in selling DeckWise® outside of the US, please contact us with a phone call for more information at 941-896-9851.

For those looking to sell our products on the Internet, please fill out our Dealer Internet Form by clicking this LINK.This will also allow us to see if both our companies are a good fit for each other.

Stocking, drop ship or online Dealer accounts shall NOT sell to or become approved vendors for any “Big-Box” retail stores. Ie: Home Depot, Lowes, Menards, Bass Pro Shops, Cabela’s, Wayfair, Wal-Mart, Sams Club, Sears, Costco, etc. Amazon, Alibaba and ebay are also NOT allowed due to fairness towards existing Dealers to ensure a fair market value across the industry. All new Dealers must agree that all advertised pricing adheres to our MAP Policy & License Agreement.

Scroll down to begin the set up process. If you have any questions, be sure to contact us and we will answer as quickly as possible.

Dealer Benefits

  • Wholesale deck building products
  • Business development
  • Communications
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Technical support
  • Product knowledge and training
  • Co-Op Advertising Program
  • Larger Revenues to Your Bottom Line
  • Quick Direct Shipping
  • No Set Stock Requirement
  • U.S.A. Made Products


DeckWise® commits to building consistent revenue growth with our decking product resellers. It’s time to join the DeckWise® team today!

Start your application now by clicking the button below to fill out our application form.

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DeckWise® is consistently committed to develop and deliver innovative decking products that capture builder’s interest and bring in higher than normal revenues and more regular customers to your store.

DeckWise® dealers offer a versatile set of high quality deck building products, giving your customers a reason to come back time, and time again. This isn't just adding products to your shelving, this is a partnership with DeckWise® where our number one goal is making you money!

The Program is designed to enable our decking resellers the ability to reach their full potential, enhance market coverage and saturation, and ensures the mutual profitability and growth in the deck building industry.

We provide the right sales and marketing tools, technical information, service and support to satisfy your customer needs and help differentiate your business from the competition to ensure our mutual growth and profitability.


  • Q: Why should my business consider becoming a DeckWise® Dealer/Distributor over other hidden deck fastener systems or deck building accessories on the market today?

    A: First and foremost, the DeckWise® line is of the highest quality you will find in this industry,and just as importantly, we manufacture long-lasting quality decking products right here in the USA. Backed by our Limited Lifetime Warranty, your business can rest easy knowing your contractors and customers are in good hands with the DeckWise® name for quality and performance.

  • Q: By choosing DeckWise®, is the profit margin for my company really worth bringing on another product line?

    A: Without a doubt, you will see above-average margins from our turn-key setup.

  • Q: I have a corporate freight account established with [UPS-Fed EX]. Will you set up my account information in your system, and then ship my orders billing them to my account number?

    A: Absolutely!

  • Q: How do I receive information about all of the DeckWise® products to download and put on my company website?

    A: Our Director of Marketing, Rod Kabel, is ready to assist your staff navigate our website and advise you on the use of our Portal. He welcomes your call, and is happy to assist!

  • Q: My company has several branch stores, so with [1] account open and utilizing it as a “Master Account”, can ALL of our other “sister” stores buy though this account?

    A: ABSOLUTELY! Keeping your firms orders billed to the master account, yet separated and shipped to the correct branch office, is easily accomplished with our system!

  • Q: Is the sign up process to become a DeckWise® Dealer or Distributor simple?

    A: Yes, it’s very simple, and easy! We email our easy application; you fill it out and submit it for review!

  • Q: After my application is submitted, how long does it take before a billing account is open?

    A: When all of your references have replied, an account can be opened within 5 business days.

  • Q: What is the DeckWise® policy on billing terms?

    A: Net, 30days.

  • Q: Do you allow Dealers/Distributors to have an account and pay for each order by credit card?

    A: Absolutely! We make every effort to keep accounting as easy as possible.

  • Q: Once my account is open, how do potential customers from within my sales territory find me?

    A: Upon your account being opened, our Director of Marketing adds your firms’ contact information to the Dealer/Distributor locator on the DeckWise® web site, which connects to Google maps. This map extends 250 miles from your location, bringing customers to you as they research our web site and insert their zip code.

  • Q: With an open account; will I have a DeckWise® representative assigned to me?

    A: Of course! Our expert sales staff is available any time for questions and ordering.

  • Q: How should I place my decking product orders?

    A: Email, fax, or phone an order in to your assigned DeckWise® sales representative!

  • Q: Once my order is placed, how do I know it’s been processed?

    A: As soon as your order has been received and input into our system, the DeckWise® sales representative who handled it will email/fax a copy of yourorder to you in its completed state. YOUR copy includes: your firms purchase order [if used], ship to address, established buying level per item, and all information reflecting current or seasonal sales programs, applicable sale discounts per item, shipping costs, etc. If the order is shipping DIRECT to your customer, they will receive a packing list with their order which is a blind copy only.

  • Q: Does DeckWise® have special sales, and if so, how often are they, do you offer “buyer incentives” for larger orders, and how would my firm be notified of these?

    A: ABSOLUTELY! DeckWise® typically has [3] major sales each year, and they are normally for an entire month. Our first sale is in the spring, and then one in the early fall, followed by a year-end sale, which is normally in November. We offer buyer incentives on each sale, and finally, every Dealer and Distributor is notified well in advance by email and with a post card.

  • Q: I’m really concerned about over extending myself by stocking a new product, so what are your requirements for my stock levels as a new Dealer for DeckWise®?

    A: NONE! If your firm chooses to be a non-stocking Dealer, that is your option!

  • Q: Since the DeckWise® factory is located in the Eastern Standard Time Zone, what is the “cutoff” time for my firm to place an order and know that it will be filled and shipped the same day?

    A: Utilizing Federal Express and UPS, we accept smaller orders up to 3:00 PM EST for same day fulfillment and shipping however, if for any reason your order cannot be processed, you will be notified immediately that your order cannot be shipped until the following day.

  • Q: Shipping costs are a big issue with everyone, so what is the DeckWise® policy on Shipping and Handling fees?

    A: GREAT QUESTION! It is our policy to keep this charge as low as possible therefore, on smallFed Ex and UPS shipments, i.e. 1-2-3-4 boxes, we add about $1.00 per box to cover the cost of the box and packing materials required to get your order safely to you. On larger shipments that must be shipped on a pallet and delivered by freight line, we waive this box and packing charge entirely.

  • Q: If my firm decides to join the DeckWise® family, what can we expect from you?

    A: GREAT question, so here is what your firm will receive from the DeckWise® TEAM: Complete assistance in the set up process of joining us, i.e. website navigation assistance, tips on how to increase sales, adequate product samples, training information including on line tutorials, product catalogs, timely updates and announcements of upcoming sales, special offers, plus: as inquiries within your area come to us through our web site or by phone, we refer them to you!

  • Q: Does DeckWise® typically ship large orders the same day you receive the Purchase Order?

    A: YES! Because we manufacture many of our products in our Florida plant, it is rare for us to take a second day for order fulfillment and shipping, unless your order arrives too late in the day. As with every order, our staff realizes that yours is important and the lead time to you is vital, so we will notify you immediately if there is any delay.

  • Q: Does DeckWise® have a “Return Policy”, and if so, could you briefly explain it?

    A: Yes we do, and each return is handled individually by your salesman. After discussing the criteria for the return, an RMA will be generated, and your copy will be emailed to you. A restocking fee may apply, but again, the criteria for the return will dictate that.

  • Q: Does DeckWise® offer “Exclusive Territories”, and are there any currently in existence?

    A: No and no.

  • Q: I’m not sure that I understand the difference between your titles of Distributor, versus Dealer, so could you please explain them?

    A: Absolutely! Briefly, DeckWise® currently offers [2] levels of Distributorship, and [3] levels of Dealerships, all of which are established with the firm before an account is opened. The criteria for each will be thoroughly explained and openly discussed with your company representative during our interview process, and your company will know exactly which one you are being offered.

  • Q: Once established as a Distributor within a territory, state or region, is my area secure to my firm in that DeckWise® will not allow another Distributor to move in and interfere with Dealers who have been set up under me?

    A: Absolutely! When made aware of situations like this one, we will act in favor of the firm whose existing Dealers are being contacted.


Contact us direct at 941-896-9851 today!

Our MAP Policy & License Agreement

If your company is approved to sell DeckWise® products in-store or online, you must read as well as sign the DeckWise® Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Policy & License Agreement. We ask that you additionally be mindful that any resellers under your umbrella are also subject to our MAP Policy & License Agreement. The MAPP Policy & License Agreement must be signed and submitted or your application will be held up. CLICK HERE.

Once you have submitted the MAP Policy & License Agreement form, our staff will review and also respond to you through email, letting you know your status. After your company's MAP Policy & License Agreement application is reviewed, we will contact you with additional information plus any other required documents needed to setup your Dealer account.

DeckWise®, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to terminate doing business with any Dealer, Distributor that advertises any DeckWise® product(s) covered by this MAP Policy & License Agreement at a lower price than the MAP Policy Price List.

State Resale Certificate

If you are considering in drop shipping from our decking product line, please be advised, if accepted, you will likely need to provide us with a resale certificate for each state you are planning on drop shipping to. You can easily find more important information HERE which explains reasons for acquiring State Sales Tax numbers and additionally provides the link for applying for a number in each state.

It is actually mandatory that you provide us with the appropriate State Sales Tax numbers for the following states. The state that your are located in for billing; California; New Jersey; New York; Pennsylvania; and any additional states you may have a Sales Tax number in. Please note a form is not required for Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, and Oregon.

If you plan on stocking DeckWise® deck building products, we will simply need the Sales Tax number for the state(s) we are shipping your decking products to.

Line of Credit

Please click this link for a copy of our online CREDIT APPLICATION and save it to your computer. Simply fill out the form and preferably fax it back to this number 941-896-9858; email it to your new Sales Rep or email it to this address CLICK HERE, or email to info@deckwise.com.

Submit All Required Documentation

Once you have completed the state resale certificate, credit request, plus MAP agreement. Once your account is actually set-up, our staff will contact you with additional information or perhaps any question might have. Pricing will additionally be sent to you at this particular time. We intend to set up credit card accounts inside of 72 hours; Net 30 accounts may possibly take longer as we need to wait for references to answer.

If you have any questions, be sure to contact us and we will answer as quickly as possible. Thank you for your interest in becoming a DeckWise Dealer!

Become a DeckWise® Dealer

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