Altitudes Pedestal® Calculator

Altitudes Pedestal® Calculations

Installing deck tile pedestals is not an exact science and considerations must be made to accommodate different situations. The number of deck tile pedestals required is directly proportional to the number of hardwood tiles to be installed.

First and foremost, you need a planning guide and drawing of the installation area with a proportional deck tile layout grid. (Plans, CAD drawings and/or illustrations should be prepared and approved by an accredited architect or construction designer.) This will show where each hardwood deck tile will be placed.

The number of pedestals required for your specific area will depend on the following:

  • Total number of hardwood deck tiles used
  • The dimensions of the hardwood deck tiles (24" x 24")
  • The shape of the installation area
  • Drainage areas and the number of drains
  • Any anticipated heavy load on the deck
Pedestal calculator layout

NOTE: Current minimum heights of the Altitudes Pedestal® System are:
SJB-4156 Screw-jack Base Pedestal: 4-5/32”
SPVC-2656 Stationary Base Pedestal: 2-21/32”
SPVC-15 Stationary Base Pedestal: 1-1/2”
Sleepers, shims and blocking can be used for shorter deck tile supports.

How to Calculate Pedestals Needed

Once the number of hardwood deck tiles has been established, the following formula will give an estimate of approximately how many deck tile pedestals will be needed. This formula is for regular shaped areas without irregular components such as a radius.

  1. Count the number of hardwood deck tiles along the length and the width.
  2. Add 1 (one) to each of these hardwood deck tile counts.
    (Note: Our calculator does this automatically).
  3. Multiply the two numbers together.

Please enter a valid number of tiles

Please enter a valid number of tiles

Pedestals Needed

This is an approximate minimum number of deck tile pedestals for your installation area.

Additional Pedestals May Be Needed For:

  • Irregular Shapes
  • Heavy Loads
  • Radius Areas
  • Cut & Irregular Shaped Deck Tiles
  • Diagonal Walls
  • Drains
  • Corners

Order deck tile pedestals at a 3% overage. This will account for additional installation adjustments.

NOTE: Your engineer/architect, general contractor or building owner must be certain to consult with local building code departments. All aspects of the project prior to install must be considered
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