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Ipe Oil hardwood finish

Ipe Oil®

Hardwood Deck Finish

Ipe Oil® is a deep penetrating oil-based hardwood finish. Formulated specifically for dense exotics, Ipe Oil® enhances, protects and preserves the natural beauty of hardwood surfaces without drastically raising the grain of the wood. This UV protective finish will extend the life of various hardwoods such as Ipe, Cumaru and Tigerwood. Available in two low VOC formulas.

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WiseCoat hardwood sealer


Eco-Friendly Deck Sealer

WiseCoat® is a premium water based hardwood sealer that provides a semi-transparent stain. This low VOC formula is eco-friendly, non-toxic and provides exceptional protection against water, mold, and decay. WiseCoat® is suitable for all hardwood surfaces and is ideal for decks, siding, fencing, & more.

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Ipe Seal end grain sealant

Ipe Seal®

End Grain Sealant

Ipe Seal® is a wax based end grain sealer designed to prevent end checking and splitting of freshly cut hardwoods. Apply Ipe Seal® to end-cuts to increase the structural integrity and extend the life of each hardwood board. Do not apply Ipe Seal® to walking surfaces.

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Hardwood Cleaner and Brightener

Hardwood Cleaner & Brightener

Clean, Brighten, & Prep Hardwood Surfaces

Cleaner (Part 1) and Brightener (Part 2) are concentrated powder formulas designed to cleanse, brighten, and prep exterior wood surfaces to accept a finish. Our Cleaner strips away mold, dirt, algae and other contaminants. Our Brightener removes tannins, neutralizes the hardwoods pH and prepares it for oiling/staining.

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Hardwood Restoration Kit

Deck Maintenance Kit

Complete Hardwood Restoration

Our Deck Maintenance Kit provides everything needed to restore and maintain a hardwood surface. This all-in-one kit is ideal for contractors and homeowners that need to renew the natural wood color of a hardwood deck. Each 21-piece kit contains 1 gallon of Ipe Oil®, 16 oz. each of Cleaner & Brightener, as well as an assortment of application products.

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