The Truth About Siding Fasteners

When it comes to securing hardwood siding to a dwelling, there are many factors to consider above and beyond just cost. Because different hardwood siding acts and reacts in its environment, installers need to know specific idiosyncrasies about hardwoods and the fasteners being used.

We suggest everyone carefully researches any product they purchase for siding construction and understands not only immediate functionalities but also long term pros and cons. How easy a siding fastener installs may not be the correct way to go; cost and overhead should not necessarily influence purchasing decisions as well. Moreover, all of the siding fastener’s points must be considered for a long-term solution.

Standoff Siding Fasteners

With the style of the Standoff rainscreen siding fastener system, the heavy weight of exotic hardwoods can increase the downward force on siding boards. Even if used with cedar, the standoff design is mechanically a “lever,” permitting a prying action to the fastener screw which is mounted into the wall.

If mounted over concrete, that standoff fastener can have even less holding power as tapcons, masonry nails, etc., do not hold that well in this application. Fastening a wooden cleat (furring) to the wall and using our siding fastener system removes most of the pullout force on the fasteners. Our system arranges proper downward shear force against the fastener... giving the best long-term holding power possible.

Standoff Hidden Siding Fastener CONS

Rounded bottom on siding fastener opens itself up to rotation much like a claw hammer pulling out fasteners would. This could possibly draw out fastening screws from the sheathing. Furthermore, even if a square bottom design was incorporated, the physical mechanics of a standoff design still sets itself up a “lever” action that can pull out the securing screw(s).
Fastening screws are driven straight in the sheathing and could allow for easy pull out.
Reaction from stainless steel screws and aluminum fastener can easily occur. (Remember your 9th Grade Science teacher telling you “Galvanic Reaction” is when two dissimilar metals react?)
Fastener Screws are only 1” long which does not allow for adequate penetration into the sheathing.
Without furring, the open space behind siding boards opens itself up for insects such as bee hives and hornets. Critter pest infestation could be much worse if bats, mice or spiders set up home... or even worse, a snake pit!
Using this siding fastener system requires the purchaser to purchase other materials such as wood and fastening screws from the siding fastener manufacturer.

DeckWise® Hidden Siding Fastener PROS

Siding fastener is stamped from 304 grade stainless steel and has no rounded edges or feet that would allow for rotation of the fastener.
DeckWise system secures siding fasteners by installing screws at a 45 degree angle through the siding board, the furring and the sheathing. This adds much more strength against screws pulling out.
Stainless steel screws are used for fastener installation which eliminates any chance of metal reacting to each other.
Fastener Screws are 2” long which provide adequate penetration into the furring and sheathing for extremely secure hold down. Ask us for shorter screws if installing over concrete so the screws don't go through the furring strips into the concrete, as this could push the furring strip away from the concrete block.
Our system uses the “tried and true” traditional furring strips behind rainscreen siding, which removes pullout forces and places proper downward force on the fastener.
Furring boards also inhibit moisture and pest infiltration from damaging siding boards.
The DeckWise hidden siding fastener system does not require the purchaser to purchase any other materials such as wood. This allows customers to purchase or mill their own rainscreen profile, saving additional costs.
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