Contractors, are you pre-drilling your decking?

Pre-drill your hardwood to avoid breaking screws, or worse, splitting deck boards. Though many companies claim you can install their hidden deck fasteners into hardwood without pre-drilling, you shouldn’t believe them. Here, at DeckWise®, we have tested them all ourselves. Our results found that no matter what type of screws, fasteners and wood you use,

When should you use Hardwood Plugs?

Here, at DeckWise®, we believe you should use hidden deck fasteners when you can. However, we know there are some building situations that simply aren’t suited for using clips. When that problem arises don’t fret, hardwood plugs are to the rescue. Hardwood plugs are used when you have to drill directly into the face of

Can you save time on the jobsite with hardwood deck tiles?

The DeckWise® Deck Tile System is a quick, easy, and affordable way to renovate your outdoor living space. With our Deck Tile System, you can have the deck you always wanted for a fraction of the cost of traditional timber decking. Plus, you can install the tiles yourself, saving not only money but also installation

Deckwise® Hardwood Finishes Meet or Exceed VOC Regulations

Whether you stay ahead of national VOC regulations; are genuinely concerned for the environment; or looking for a beautiful hardwood finish for your deck or siding, DeckWise® has the perfect options. With the current ramped-up talk and new legislation over new state AIM regulations for lower VOC levels of wood coatings and finishes, many homeowners

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