Dang Double-Barreled Deck Building Doohickey Drill

Speed. Productivity. Versatility.

All in one tool, you ask? Why sure, and that tool of which we speak is the debonair Drill & Drive from DeckWise. Perfect for both die-hard and dilettante deck builders, the Drill & Drive is a double-barreled dose of do-it-yourself decking power that also dovetails into non-deck building services, such as home touch-ups and dwelling renovations.

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Now how ‘bout you?

Got a deck that’s a wreck, like a damsel in distress? Well, dawdle not; don’cha wanna give your dire debacle a death sentence? Get off your derrière then, and deploy the Drill & Drive – one of our favorite doodads to use. The DeckWise Drill & Drive is a 3-in-1 tool you can use to pre-drill, countersink - then flip the insert - and deftly drive screws into any decking, the ease of use of which is all part of the DeckWise doctrine. The denouement of pre-drilling hardwoods and installing deck screws occurs three times faster than de facto drilling-and-driving. With that said, once deck builders begin using the Drill & Drive toolkit, they quickly realize how much faster and more productive every single deck install will be in the future.

Still dubious? Don’t be!

This ain’t just any dagnab dainty, derelict, down-on-its-luck, dime-store doohickey we got here. Distinctively dichotomous from the daily decrepit, demure, dazed, diva-ish dilettantti, this is the divine, dexterous Drill & Drive from DeckWise. Like a good ol’ fashioned dramedy, the Drill & Drive dogmatically gets down to business but accordingly packs a wallop of fun, like a dapper, dusky, dark-suited dude dancin’ to the droning drumbeat of a dreamlike dubstep ditty in a post-disco downtown Detroit dancehall.

So maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but...

The Drill & Drive makes a wondrous addition to your toolbox décor, and definitely deserves to debark to your dwelling and be displayed on a doggone dais. It might be doll-sized, but it’s a die-hard, domineering daredevil that packs a punch amongst the denizens in its demographic.

In case you hadn’t noticed, the Drill & Drive comes with a daily dosage of D – but it’s grade A all the way. As we like to say, “just drill it and drive it, baby!”

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